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David has worked as an Architectural Consultant for over thirty-five years. In that time he has gained a vast amount of experience working in both domestic and commercial fields. He has a wide breadth of experience in all aspects of domestic housing, high street retail, specialist retail in the motor world, in hotels and restaurants. Over the years he has refurbished and converted numerous houses of his own.


Susie is the organiser.  In the past she has designed and pretty much built her own home, renovated others and sold them alongside a career as a nurse and midwife, a mum and a teaching assistant. She is responsible for the Interior Design.  



She has a natural eye for colour and shape, form and balance and has a keen eye for what looks right. Her attention to detail is exasperating but when it’s done it is the envy of all.


David and Susie got married in 2014.  With three older girls and two younger ones still at home, when the last one leaves David will have been bringing up children for forty years.   They now work together and manage to juggle home life and work life so that they can enjoy their shared love of the countryside and all that goes with it.


They have a highly valued loyal team of skilled people that have been working with them for a long time.  On the design side Ian has worked with David for over twenty years and Piotr on the construction side for nearly ten years.

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