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Our sliding glass walls are an elegant and simple addition to any building allowing you to appreciate the view all year round no matter what the unpredictable British weather brings. 


Giving the appearance of a glass curtain, the frameless glass panels are an attractive contemporary addition to your home or commercial premises providing you with a versatile indoor / outdoor space.  The sliding glass walls can be easily added to your existing porch or veranda or incorporated into a new installation without detracting from the architecture of your existing building.


The frameless glass panels slide independently and are stacked to one or both sides opening up the space completely. 





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They glide in a track on the floor and can be installed quickly and easily without the need for building work and with minimal disruption. 

The track can be surface mounted or embedded in the floor for a seamless look, the aluminium profiles are available in a range of finishes with glass accessories and special fittings available too. Our glass walls require very little maintenance and come with a 5 year guarantee.

Why not add a wood burner to your space to give you that cosy warmth no matter what the time of year or the temperature outside? We have a range of styles and designs to suit all situations.

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